Reflecting on 250 Angular Training!!!


Of course we would have never ever imagined this when we started 6 years ago, it has been such an amazing journey!

So this week we did our 250th workshop, a 2-day Angular Fundamentals course, still as a virtual class as you can see. What used to be done exclusively inside classrooms, is now done remotely, we’ve delivered 63 online classes so far and it looks like it’s going to continue like that for a while…

![Angular Academy 250]( "Angular Academy 250") Angular Academy #250

Anyway, our main goal is to teach quality courses to as many people as possible, whatever means it takes; we will never stop until there is someone left to train!

A little bit of numbers

Our journey in numbers:

  • 6 years
  • 250 workshops (mostly 2-day or 3-day courses)
  • 2500+ attendees
  • 13 countries (but 95% was done in Canada)
  • 1 trainer


Those are a few highlights from our classes over the years:

2016: Teaching at the Harvard Business School![Angular Academy 31 in Boston]( "Angular Academy 31 in Boston") Angular Academy #31 in Boston

2017: Teaching in Denmark!![Angular Academy 48 in Copenhagen]( "Angular Academy 48 in Copenhagen") Angular Academy #48 in Copenhagen

2017: Amazing collab with my friend Gerard Sans!![Angular Academy 78 in Montreal]( "Angular Academy 78 in Montreal") Angular Academy #78 in Montreal

2017: The Most Elevated Angular Workshop Worldwide!! Toronto at the CN Tower (1,136feet / 346m).![Angular Academy 85 up in the air (Toronto)]( "Angular Academy 85 up in the air (Toronto)") Angular Academy #85 up in the air (Toronto)

2018: Teaching in Finland! ![Angular Academy 96 in Helsinki]( "Angular Academy 96 in Helsinki") Angular Academy #96 in Helsinki

2018: Celebrating the 100th with a party cake shared with my attendees!![Angular Academy 100]( "Angular Academy 100") Angular Academy #100!

2018: Teaching Angular at the beach!![Caribbean Developers Conference]( "Caribbean Developers Conference") ![Angular Academy 125 in Punta Cana]( "Angular Academy 125 in Punta Cana") Angular Academy #125 in Punta Cana (Dominican Republic)

2019: Teaching in the Caribbean (Santo Domingo) for a group of enthusiastic Dominicans devs!![Angular Academy 155 in Santo Domingo]( "Angular Academy 155 in Santo Domingo") Angular Academy #155 in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)

2020: more recently doing a virtual class for 12 developpers in 9 countries covering 11 time zones simultaneously! This one was crazy but we did it!![Angular Academy 197 Worldwide]( "Angular Academy 197 Worldwide") Angular Academy #197 Worldwide!

Now let’s reach 300!