Professional Angular Testing - Playwright Edition

Professional Angular Testing - Playwright Edition

Professional Angular Testing online class on December 11-13!

  • Quality assurance with modern tools: Playwright, Jest, and Storybook

  • 13 hours of practical hands-on training

  • Instructor-led LIVE online course!

  • You'll have the chance to ask questions and discuss with the instructor

This workshop covers all aspects of testing in Angular. Learn the various techniques and when / how to apply them. The major ingredients are the hands-on exercises and discussions where we can talk about your individual challenges.

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After this workshop, you will be able to:

  • understand and know when to apply Unit, Component and End-to-End Tests

  • write tests for code that heavily depends on asynchrony

  • interact with the DOM rendered by one or multiple components

  • significantly reduce your testing boilerplate by using modern tools

  • Verify the layout of your components by using screenshot-matching

  • know various ways to work with a Test Seeded database in E2E Tests

  • prevent flaky E2E Tests

  • build an architecture that is well-suited for tests

  • and much more…

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