Getting Angular Intellisense in Visual Studio Code (revised)

Following the recent release of Visual Studio Code v1, here is an updated version of my Getting Angular Intellisense in Visual Studio Code tutorial:

1. jsconfig.json

Notice you now have an icon to generate the jsconfig.json file!

Now right-click on the project’s folder and select Open in Command Prompt (or Open in Terminal on OS X or Linux).

2. Install Typings

In the command prompt (or terminal), type the following command:

npm install typings –D

Assuming you have a package.json file, the –D argument will have Typings listed as a dev dependency.

3. Grabs the typings files from the Definitely Typed repository

typings install angular --ambient --save

This will create a typings.json file and a typings folder with the .d.ts files.

Now open a js file and you should have Angular IntelliSense working!

Hopefully this will help you have a great IntelliSense experience when using Angular in Visual Studio Code!