Angular Architecture Workshop

Angular Architecture Workshop

Angular Architecture Live Workshop on March 11-14, 2024.

  • Design large-scale enterprise Angular applications

  • 18 hours of intensive hands-on training (4 days: 8:00am to 12:30pm Eastern Time)

  • Instructor-led LIVE online course!

  • Theory phases alternated with live coding and exercises

  • Ask questions and discuss with the instructor

In this interactive workshop, you will learn from Manfred Steyer (Angular GDE and Trusted Collaborator in the Angular team), how large-scale enterprise Angular applications can be designed and developed. The exercises will gradually result in an application that you can use for your own projects at the end of the workshop. Bonus: Now covers the latest Angular features, such as Reactivity with Signals, Lightweight architectures with standalone components, Functional guards, resolvers.

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