Angular 12 has been released!

As we could guessAngular v12 has been released today, May 12th 2021, 6 months after v11, which is consistent with the expected [release frequency]( "angular release frequency").

![Angular Team]( "Angular Team")

We have already updated our training material:![Angular demo ready for v12]( "Angular demo ready for v12")

It is very easy to migrate your project if you follow the steps from the official update site: []( "")

So Angular 12 is here and we are going to use it as soon as tomorrow morning for our next training! We have a long history of World Firsts

Join the ngUpdate party this Friday (May 14th) 10:00am PDT to celebrate this new release with the rest of the Angular team!! Livestream link: []( "ngUpdate Party")

[![ngUpdate party]( "ngUpdate party")]( "ngUpdate party")

Read more details on Angular 12 in the official blog post: [ "Angular v12 is now available")