Xamarin Evolve 2014 Keynote recap

Here are my highlights of the Xamarin Evolve 2014 Keynote that happened today.

Those are my views as a Microsoft and .NET guy and might not reflect what others attendees are excited about.

Component vendors support for Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin.Forms is a very young product but already drives an insane amount of interest among developers. Today we learnt that all the major component vendors are starting to target Xamarin.Forms with their controls suite.

This will definitely make Xamarin.Forms more appealing and it brings more credibility to the framework as well.ComponentVendors

Xamarin Profiler

Xamarin Profiler (preview for now) offers an easy way to collect information and analyze how your app are running, find memory leaks and resolve performance bottlenecks. It is available for MAC and Windows.

Xamarin Android Player

Android emulator is painful to use to say the least…

As Xamarin has been told by some customers: “It is not your product, but it is your problem”… so they bravely acted and created their own emulator, and it is brilliant!

The Xamarin Android Player uses hardware accelerated virtualization and OpenGL and is faaaaaaaast!

Xamarin Insights

Xamrin Insights is a new monitoring solution that allows you to track crashes and exceptions, get detailed error reporting and understand how users are interacting with your app. The live demo was awesome.