Windows Phone App certification improvements

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Another great news for App developers (well, except the Nokia/Android fiasco): the time to certify and publish your phone app in the Store has been dramatically reduced!

Here are my “from Submit to Store” timings for my latest 3 apps last week:

  • 6 minutes
  • 20 minutes
  • 15 minutes

(those were new apps, not updates)

Looking at those numbers it is obvious that no more human is involved in the process.
= > It means your app won’t be tested anymore for navigation scenarios, light & dark theme, orientation changes, Metro guidelines, back button behavior, …

Chances are that the only thing remaining are automated testing to check your package, API usage and maybe loading time.

As my friend Sebastian wrote: the quality check is now up to the developer… anyway if you build garbage, users reviews will prevent your app to shine in the Store.

More info on this official blog post:
Reduced Windows Phone Certification Times