Windows Live Translator

A new Live Service is available since September: Live Translator.

The first thing I noticed is the translation is far from perfect (Okay it is beta…).

I like the web page translator : you can change the layout (side by side, top/bottom, hover), when you select some text, it highlights the translated part, and as you browse the pages are automatically translated.

Did a test on my blog, that is so funny!

  • Recent posts -> Poteaux récents
  • I’m NOT a poor lonesome ASP.NET Developer -> Je ne suis pas des pauvres seuls Réalisateur d’ASP.NET !!!??


Note the “Computer-related content” checkbox, again I did a quick test, from English to French, with Computer-related content checked :

Mashups are created by dragging in and connecting ‘blocks’ which produce an output. Blocks are modules that connect to various web services API’s, and even today there are dozens of different blocks that work with a whole variety of different web services.

Mashups sont créées en faisant glisser et de la connexion « blocs » qui produisent une sortie. Les blocs sont les modules qui se connectent à plusieurs services Web API de, et encore aujourd’hui il existe des dizaines de différents blocs qui fonctionnent avec une gamme ensemble de services Web différents.

=|> Oh shit!

Conclusion: It does the job, but not very impressive yet, mostly from English to X and it is not even AJAX!!!