Windows 7 first impressions


I installed Windows 7 beta (build 7000) and I have to say this new version of Windows is lighter than Vista, which is very good news, I was waiting for that and I think most people do, tired of Vista poor performance and anemic file copy.

After startup W7 takes less than 400MB of memory! I have been told Windows 7 should run just fine on a system with 1GB of RAM (good for netbooks!!)

I also noticed boot time is a lot quicker and battery life is improved on my laptop.

The new taskbar is weird at first. The Quick launch toolbar has gone (Boh!) and the “show desktop” button is at the extreme right side… (remember this is beta and subject to change). I like the “2 clicks” shut down experience instead of 3 with Vista. You can customize this in the properties of the taskbar.

No more gadget bar on the desktop… not a bad idea! You can still have gadget on your desktop with right-click “gadgets”.

For sure I’ll show more on Windows 7 later…

If you want to try it for free go and download it there:

After that do a Windows Update or install the patch to fix the problem with MP3:

Also Windows 7 comes with IE8 so this is your chance to test this new version of the browser.

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