Using your mashups from Popfly

For a tutorial on creating Popfly mashup, read my previous post :
Building a simple mashup step by step with Popfly.


So now that you have a mashup, what can you do wih it ?

Your mashup is private by default.

First thing to do is switching it to public by clicking on “Share” :

Mashup private


Now that the mashup is shared, you have several new options :

Mashup shared

You can :

  • Embed it in a web page
  • Export as Gadget for Vista Sidebar
  • Add it to your Windows Live Space


Embed it

Click on “Embed it” to get the HTML code needed to embed your mashup in any web page.
Note the options to publish your mashup in a new entry of your blog (requires MetaBlog API), also TypePad, and probably more to come.

Embed it


Download as Gadget

Click on “Download as Gadget” to install your mashup directly in your Vista’s Sidebar, like any Gadget from the Live Gallery. A mashup is just HTML, Javascript and Silverlilght, so there are no problem to host it in Vista Sidebar, but users will have to install Silverlight.

Mashup in Vista Gadget 

Mashup as Gadget

For now (beta…) export is not perfect (specially for the size) but you can easily tweak it by going to your local folder :
%userprofile%appdatalocalmicrosoftwindows sidebargadgets


Popfly Mashup as Gadget 
Better now!

In fact the exported gadget is just an iframe with a link to your content in Popfly, for my sample :

If you point your browser to Carousel.content you’ll see that the entire content of the mashup is there, the exported gadget act like a wrapper for the Sidebar.


Add to Windows Live Space

I don’t have a Live Space but I assume you just have to specify which account to publish and it will create a new entry with your mashup embeded.