Third time’s a charm (MVP award)


The very first email of the year is still a wonderful one as I got awarded Most Valuable Professional (MVP) by Microsoft. This is the 3rd year in a row so I am pretty honored and excited about that. I have been involved in so many community events this year, with great opportunities to speak at EnergizeIT, TechDays, DevTeach, and W3 Québec as well as take part in worldwide conference like TechEd America, MIX Las Vegas and the famous MVP Summit in Redmond! Lately I also wrote an article for MSDN.

Expect more Silverlight content here as this has become my main focus. 2009 is the year where Silverlight 3 will see the light (he he he), the first version I saw seems promising, so I hope to do as many new Silverlight presentation as the past year, and speak at Microsoft events about this exciting technology. Hopefully I will be at MIX09 in Las Vegas to learn all about the latest stuff. I will also continue teaching the French version of the Silverlight Tour in Canada and Europe and I like it! I don’t forget the Montreal .NET Community which will host a CodeCamp and many more cool activities!

Happy New Year!