The TechEd 2008 North America DVD fix you’ve been waiting for!

I made a little tool to fix the TechEd 2008 North America DVD player because it was built for Silverlight 2 beta 2, no more working now.

The tool generates a fixed htm page that will play the content on your DVD. No need to burn new DVDs.

> Download link:


  1. Download and unzip in a folder.
  2. Run TechEd2008DVDfix.exe, select your DVD drive and click OK.
  3. This will generates 2 htm files (Developers.htm and ITPro.htm) and launch the first one in your browser.
  4. Insert the requested TechEd DVD in your drive.
  5. Enjoy!

Please read notes bellow.

Note 1:
The htm page try to access a local Silverlight app so you’ll probably need to “Allow Blocked Content…” in IE yellow security bar at the top.

Note 2:
You just need to run the app once. Then you can use your local htm files to see DVDs content, no need to burn a new set of DVDs!

Note 3:
I added a menu at the top right of the page so you can navigate from Developers DVDs (1 to 5) to ITPro DVDs (6 to 9).

Note 4:
Do not use the Default.htm in your DVD anymore! Use the local htm files only.


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