Speaking at TechDays Canada 2010


This year again I’ll be speaking at TechDays Canada!

I will take care of 3 talks in Montreal on November 23-24:


DEV302: A Lap around Windows Internet Explorer 9 for Developers
Wednesday, November 23, 12:30pm to 12:50pm

Internet Explorer 9 contains many new features that give developers many new options for building rich Web applications. From enhanced features like the developer tools or support for more DOM interactivity – Internet Explorer 9 is the browser you’ve been asking for. In this TurboTalk you will learn about these features and how you can take advantage of brand new APIs like HTML5, SVG, and Direct2D Graphics support.”


OPT217: Speeding up Silverlight development using 3rd Party Controls
Wednesday, November 24, 12:30pm to 12:50pm

“Learn how to cut Silverlight development time significantly using your new Telerik RadControls. As a TechDays attendee, you will receive a complimentary license for Telerik’s RadControls for Silverlight. This TurboTalk will demonstrate how you can speed up application development while adding more functionality to your Silverlight applications with the Telerik tools. See how high-performance data controls like RadGridView and RadChart can take your applications to the next level. See how layout controls like RadDocking and RadTileView can add both richness and increased functionality, helping you maximize screen real estate. And see how RadRichTextBox is unlocking Silverlight’s power to enable editing of HTML, DOCX, and XAML content. Jumpstart your development with the RadControls for Silverlight and get the most out of your new tools by joining this developer-to-developer talk.”


Breakout: A Lap Around Visual Studio LightSwitch
Wednesday, November 24, 3:40pm to 4:45pm

LightSwitch is a newcomer in the Visual Studio suite and allows you to create Silverlight business applications with little or no code. Discover this tool via a demo and be amazed like I am, also you will learn how to customize and extend its capabilities. Wow effect guaranteed!”

Early bird price is expired, but if you plan to register contact me as I can give you a 50% off coupon.

See you there!