Silverlight Tour resource links

Each time I teach the Silverlight Tour Workshop I use some links to show interesting stuffs related to each topic I present, so I think it will be interesting to list them here, grouped by interest:

* Demos samples

I always start by showing some live samples to demonstrate the different kind of apps you can build with Silverlight. The point here is everything you can do with Flash, you can do it with Silverlight (animation, games, business app, data access, web service, …)

MS Health Patient Journey Demonstrator: Most impressive demo ever!

Silverlight Airlines (LOB sample)

Games (with physics engine!)

Performance benchmark (Animation)

Yosemite DeepZoom


* Free Silverlight controls

The point here is the Silverlight controls ecosystem is already large like ASP.NET. When you need a control, start by looking at existing available controls (there are several free projects).

Silverlight Extensions

Silverlight Contrib


You can find a much more detailed list here:

Of course you should already know:

Silverlight Toolkit:

Silverlight 2 controls demo page
(also interesting to learn which assembly are needed for extended controls)


* Design with XAML

Silverlight resources for designers post


* Data Access

Silverlight Data-Driven Examples (Data Access with NHibernate or Entity Framework)

Data Binding (french)


* Real world apps

See the Silverlight Showcase