Silverlight 5 beta

Silverlight 5 beta is now available, exactly 1 year after Silverlight 4 released.
Please note there is no “go-live” license at that time, so this release is for evaluation only. End-users won’t be able to try your SL5 beta apps as the runtime is not public yet.

Download links:

>> Important: you need VS2010 SP1.

It *should* be safe to install all this in your regular machine has it comes with multi-targeting in VS210, so you can still target SL4 for your apps. But in your browser the runtime will be SL5 only. Blend preview and Blend 4 can be together on the same machine with no problems.

The new features of Silverlight 5 have already been announced back in December 2010 during the FireStarter event.

I think there was not many new features added since then, the Silverlight team has been working hard to finish and release this public beta.

Among the new features available in this beta I would mention:

  • XAML binding debugging
  • Ancestor RelativeSource
  • Implicit data templates
  • Multi-click support
  • Binding on style setter
  • Custom markup extensions
  • Trusted applications now available in browser (need certificate and local registry setting)
  • Multiple Window support (Trusted OOB)
  • WebBrowser control now available in browser
  • 3D Graphics API
  • + a lot more…

Read Tim Heuer’s post for more details: