Silverlight 4 presentation at the Montreal UG

Silverlight 4Unfortunately we had Jesse Liberty down by H1N1, so I took care of the Silverlight 4 session with co-worker Dominic Sévigny at the Montreal .NET Community meeting.

Having less than 24h of preparation, I came to the meeting with just 1 slide, a huge number of demos and no idea how it will goes.

Finally in the first part of the evening we had lots of interesting discussions around the new features listed in my slide. Then after the break it was a deluge of demos (13 I think..).

I believe it was the first presentation done with VS2010 (and the new zoom feature!).

First thing first I couldn’t resist to show the awesome SL3 LocalConnection demo (which is not new in Silverlight 4 but not a well known feature… and the demo is totally fun!):

Silverlight bouncing balls demo

You can try a live sample (requires popups), and download the source code from here:


Then I showed all these Silverlight 4 demos, grouped by features here, with screenshots and links to download:



Silverlight 4 WebCam




Silverlight 4 print



Right click / Context menu

Silverlight 4 right click sample




Silverlight 4 MouseWheel sample




Silverlight 4 clipboard sample




Silverlight 4 RichTextArea




Silverlight 4 NotificationWindow sample image



WebCam (+ Print)



File Drop (+ Print)




Silverlight 4 WebBrowser control



Text Trimming

Silverlight 4 text trimming


Download the slides


After all it was fun with lots of interaction with attendance!
We will try to invite again Jesse after MIX10!


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