Silverlight 4 controls by Telerik

Telerik has announced yesterday their “RadControls for Silverlight 4 CTP, the first UI component suite to natively support Microsoft Silverlight 4 Beta”.

Microsoft is moving very fast with Silverlight, we should get 1 version per year, so it is nice to see third parties jumping so early on the latest wagon. Only Telerik for now but I am sure others will follow soon.

So this Silverlight 4 CTP release is for using their controls in VS2010/SL4 projects, and the suite is very impressive:

Telerik adapted their existing controls to take advantage of SL4 new features, for example the ContextMenu control now use the built-in right-click and no more trick.

I am also excited to see that they already support WCF RIA Services.

If you want to have a quick overview of the controls you may want to watch this short (4:28) video:

My goal now is to try these controls and I will post my feedback here.


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