Silverlight 3 new business app features

This has just been announced at MIX09 keynote, Silverlight 3 is available in beta and comes with new features very much business application oriented (as well as media and graphics improvements). Concerning application development improvements Silverlight 3 adds:

  • Navigation Framework

  • Deep links, SEO, browser history integration

  • DataGrid grouping, pagination

  • DomainDataSource (object data source on the client)

  • Element-to-Element Binding

  • Validators error template

  • New controls: DataForm (DetailsView like), DataPager

  • Multi-tier REST data support

  • Authentication

With such new features, Silverlight 3 enable developers to build real LOB application, and what’s amazing is that Silverlight 3 is 40KB smaller than v2!

Silverlight 3 is now (march 2009) in public beta (but no go-live) so you can try all this right now!