Samedi.NET special Silverlight event in Montreal

The Montreal .NET Community organized a full-day Silverlight workshop last Saturday.

The topic of the day was: “Build a business application with Silverlight 3”.

We were 5 speakers presenting many sessions (all code, no slide) to show different tools and technologies:

  • Visual Studio 2008 SP1
  • Expression Blend 3
  • Expression Designer 3
  • .NET RIA Services
  • WCF and LINQ

The event went pretty well, what amazed me the most is the fact that we got more than 160 attendees!!!

So we could feel the excitement for Silverlight growing more and more, and I answered to so many questions both during my presentations and at the end of the day!!!

To change from Northwind we used a simple Db with beers (thanks Andy):

beers db

I did 2 talks:

  • .NET RIA Services
  • Silverlight and SEO

Here is what I showed during my first talk:

  • Navigation Framework
  • Manage Data
    • Entity Framework and LINQ
    • .NET RIA Services
    • DataGrid + DomainDataSource
      • Custom columns
      • DetailsRow Template
      • Sort
      • Filter
      • Group
      • Pagination
    • Activity Control
  • Export to Excel

The download below adds more:

  • Edit, Delete (with confirm) beer with the new DataForm control.
  • Insert new beer in a ChildWindow
  • Beer details page
  • Out Of Browser mode (OOB)

For more on .NET RIA Services and how you can add it in your existing architecture, have a look at this incredible list of posts:

I’ll write more on my second talk (SEO) in another blog post.


Download source code


Also check the post of my co-worker Louis-Philippe, he has lots of pictures of the event.

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