Re-Awarded Microsoft MVP for 2014!

I am thrilled and honored that once again, one of the very first email of the year is announcing my MVP Award, for a 8th years in a row.

With a change this time: I have joined the Client Development expertise, which is a new group for Windows 8 and Windows Phone Insiders, which makes much more sense for me.

Looking back at 2013: I have done tons of Windows 8 dev presentations (100% local, no travel = happy family) and was involved in more than 45 Store apps projects!

I also had the chance to already help several customers with their Windows 8.1 development strategy.

I am still focusing intensively on Windows 8 and Windows Phone Store Apps with XAML, C# and Azure, now I also want to start digging Xamarin as well.

This is just the beginning… now for an awesome 2014!!

Happy New Year!