[off topic] Delete Windows 7 offline files

Off my habitual topics… but this has been bugging me so much, hope someone will find this post useful!

You disabled offline files but never got your GB back ?

No “delete offline files” button anywhere ??

Here is what to do:

  1. Open Control Panel / Sync Center, click on “Manage Offline files” in the left pane and re-enable Offline files in the Offline Files window, then reboot your system.
  2. Go back to Sync Center / Manage Offline files, in the Offline Files window, General tab, click on “View your offline files” button.
  3. In the new window, double click on Computers icon and you will see an icon for the network computer from which you have stored local files.
  4. Right click on the computer icon and select “Delete Offline Copy” option.
  5. Wait and… enjoy your “stolen GB” back…

This is lame UX, and sometimes basic tasks can be so hard and painful…