ng-conf 2018 day 1 recap

![ng-conf 2018]( "ng-conf 2018")

I had the chance to attend ng-conf 2016 and ng-conf 2017, but this year I am attending remotely!

We even organized an ng-conf extended local gathering here in Montreal!

ng-conf Extended Montreal 2018

You can follow the official live stream until April 20th:

Thanks to ng-conf for providing the opportunity for everyone to follow the show remotely!

But the most amazing part is that individual sessions were published on Youtube before the end of the day!!!


So the big question was: Will they announce the immediate release of Angular 6 during the Keynote??

Angular 6 ?Angular 6 ?Angular 6 ?

This is what we got:
Angular 6 dangerously close to release

Later in the day I could hear several times:
“Angular 6 will be available in a week or 2”.

Fair enough, we can wait. Better safe than sorry is a good approach anyway!

Now I can understand why, knowing they want to align Angular 6, Material 6 and CLI 6, this will make it easier for us devs to integrate and update those libraries together!

I know that the team is always working on making Angular faster and smaller, the new renderer, called Ivy will be able to produce an Hello World app (compressed) in 2.7 Kb!!! (A few years ago they promised a cake for breaking the 10 Kb mark).

Note: Ivy will not be available at the time of Angular 6 release, but later in the year, after they make sure that it will be backward compatible with all existing apps. So we can take advantage of it without any code change!

You can get a good recap of Day 1 Keynote here:

My Top 3 talks of the day:

Angular CDK and Material in 2018 by Jeremy Elbourn

Great use of schematics to scaffold Material controls! I think CDK is almost ready for prime time and I will soon start to recommend it.

_StackBlitz + Angular A Better Way to Build PWA's by Albert Pai, Eric Simons

I love StackBlitz! It was featured on the Keynote as well. They did an impressive live demo of a brand new feature: teleport. Just got 1000s people live rick rolled!

Learn more on StackBlitz here:

Elements in v6 and Beyond by Rob Wormald

Angular Elements is a big thing. The idea is to be able to create components that can be reused in any environment (browser, framework) without depending of an angular application.

Bonus points for the funniest (and informative) talk of the day

I switched a map, and you'll never guess what happened next... by Shai Reznik, Pete Bacon Darwin, Mike Brocchi

Learn a little bit of RxJS like never before!

Can’t wait for Day 2!