My Silverlight talk at W3Quebec

Yesterday I was invited by W3Quebec to do a Silverlight presentation. I was asked to introduce Silverlight and then talk about these specific topics:

  • Accessibility
  • SEO
  • Standard compliance
  • Comparison with AJAX/Flash/Flex/…

My slides are available both in English and French, feel free to reuse/modify as you need:

The presentation was a blast, it was supposed to last 1 hour but I did 2 hours as I had many questions and lots of great discussions during the talk. This interactive part was very interesting to me as I usually talk to .NET developers but here I had a very different public.
If you want to reuse my content, keep in mind that my slides are just a way to start a conversation, especially for the Silverlight comparison to AJAX/Flash/Flex/AIR. A post will follow with some interesting links I found on these subjects that you might want to read if you plan a presentation like this.


The links I used on my demos:

Silverlight Airlines:

Hard Rock Memorabilia (DeepZoom):

Patient Journey Demonstrator:

Animation benchmark:



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