My Silverlight session at DevTeach Montreal

During my “Business oriented Silverlight 2 application” talk at DevTeach conference (december 2008) I used Visual Studio 2008 and Expression Blend to build an application that retrieves SQL server data (Beers!) through an Entity Framework model and exposes it to a Silverlight client via a WCF service and LINQ queries. I did some design and animation, added a ComboBox and DataGrid to display data and asynchronously update the model as users edit it. Then I showed how to use local cache on the client to optimize network traffic and finally applyed some Style to shape the UI.

I had only 2 slides in my ppt deck, and here is my funny slide #2:

I coded all that live on stage in 60 min without any errors!

As promised here is the source code of the application I built live:


[Beers Db by Andy Beaulieu]


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