My LightSwitch session at TechDays Montreal

Today I did a presentation on Visual Studio LightSwitch at TechDays Montreal.

My goal was to introduce this new tool and show how it can help you create business applications for the desktop or the cloud.

I had a few slides, then fired VS2010 and created live an application (TechDays conference manager) from scratch, showing:

  • Designer to create the Db tables
  • Wizards to create the UI (automatic screens layout)
  • Built-in insert/edit/delete with validation
  • Built-in sort, pagination and Excel export
  • Custom validation
  • Computed columns
  • Customize a Search screen with a DatePicker
  • Customize the Menu (groups)
  • Security
    • Users, Roles and Permissions
    • Screens Access control

It was great and I hope people liked it.

Interesting links:

Note that I’ll do another LightSwitch presentation on April 18 at the Montreal .NET Community.

Download the slides *

Download the app (LightSwitch beta 1)


* Thanks to Orville McDonald for the slides!