[MIX08] pre-conference day

Today march 4 was the MIX08 VIP pre conference “Together@MIX”. We had sessions and panels on the morning and an afternoon full of fun activities (I chose the Las Vegas Extreme rides!).

Here is the speakers and a bit of what they said:

Steve Guttman (PM for Expression Web)

  • Expression branding

  • Expression Web 2

    • PHP support (intellisense & syntax highlight, cassini for web server)

    • Photoshop layers support

    • ActiveX for Flash

    • AJAX

  • Expression Encoder 2 “a real post-production tool”

    • lots of new features

    • XAML and video overlays

    • Edit player in Blend

  • More at the keynote “I’ve been in Microsoft for years and the number of announcements at the keynote tomorrow is un-be-lie-vable !!”

Doug Olson

  • Designer/Developer workflow

  • Expression Studio 2 for April (focus on Silverlight)

  • Expression Blend 2 (for Silverlight 1)

  • Expression Design (XAML slice like Dreamweaver)

George Moore (GM Live Platform)

  • Live Messenger API

  • Silverlight Streaming

  • Audience Analytics

Brad Abrams (ASP.NET Team)

  • Silverlight ASP.NET control

  • Silverlight Localization

  • Silverlight 2 UI controls

  • MVC sample app

Tim Sneath

  • WPF

    • “WPF is the Ferrari, Silverlight is the Mini Cooper…”

    • Service Pack in september

    • Light .NET client install

Daniel Makoski (Interactive Design Manager for Surface)

  • Microsoft Surface User Experience Team, or Microsoft Surface UX or Microsoft SUX…

  • Very funny video on Surface “Big Ass Table” !

We had some keynote leaks today, but… let’s wait for tomorrow !

The afternoon was busy trying every roller coaster of Las Vegas !!!!


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