MIX08 conference soon!

MIX08-bling In case you do not know MIX is a Microsoft web development conference hold in Las Vegas each year. This is where they make great announcements like Silverlight last year (MIX07), people start to call it “The PDC for web developers”.

-> MIX08 is being held March 5th-7th in Las Vegas.

This year’s edition offers a great variety of sessions:

  • IE 8

  • IIS 7.0

  • ASP.NET 3.5



  • ASP.NET Dynamic Data

  • VS 2008

  • Expression Studio

  • WPF

  • Silverlight 2

This promise to be awesome and this year I am lucky enough to be there !!

As mentioned by Scott Guthrie MIX08 is close to be sold out so if you plan to attend register fast!

edit february 20: the conference is now sold out!

Register here: