Microsoft “All-In-One Code Framework” for Silverlight

“All-In-One Code Framework” delineates the framework and skeleton of most Microsoft development techniques using typical examples in different programming languages.

“All-In-One Code Framework” is a set of code samples available on CodePlex, the goal is to provide examples that are typical, extensible, structured, complete, well-documented and easy to understand.

The library covers many topics (COM, Windows 7, ASP.NET, Data Access, Office, …), and what attracted my attention is the Silverlight section!

Here is what you get in the Silverlight download for September:


As you can see some Silverlight 3 features are featured (PixelShader, PlaneProjection, WritableBitmap) as well as many other. For example the CSSL3CustomControl project is a good start is you want to learn how to build Silverlight custom control in C#.


Note: I am not involved in this project, if you have question please ask in the forum:

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