Live Search Farecast

Live Search Farecast helps you find the lowest airfares by predicting when is the best time to buy.

On the home page you enter your airport and destination/date and hit Search:


Then you get your results in a rich-features page:

You can filter by:

  • number of stops
  • times
  • airlines
  • price range
  • airports (connection)
  • flight quality (long layover / short connection)
  • Duration

Here is the heart of this service: fare prediction


Click on details for an explanation:

Your results in List View:

Your results in Time Grid:

This nice graph shows you the evolution of prices in time:

You can track the trip for price changes:


At any time you can compare the same search in another service on a new browser window:

Fare predictions are available only for US and Canadian start cities for now.