Free eBook: Location Intelligence for Windows Store apps

Essential book for anyone developing location based apps!!!

By Ricky Brundritt, Bing Map Technical Solution Professional  at Microsoft (learn from the best!).


Table of Contents

· Chapter 1: Getting Started

· Chapter 2: The Sensor and Location Platform

· Chapter 3: Bing Maps JavaScript API

· Chapter 4: Bing Maps Native API

· Chapter 5: Bing Maps REST Services

· Chapter 6: Bing Spatial Data Services

· Chapter 7: Working with Spatial Data

· Chapter 8: Drawing on the Map

· Chapter 9: Creating an Augmented Reality App

· Chapter 10: Creating a Templatable Compass Control

· Chapter 11: Cross Platform Development

Download the book


· Direct download (pdf, 17MB)

Code sample

Code samples for the book can be downloaded here.