DevTeach conference

DevTeach 2007 is over, it was great as I had the chance to hear some very good speakers :
Markus Egger, Claudio Lassala, Julia Lerman, Yair Alan Griver, Ted Neward.

If you did not attendee, 2 reporters did a live coverage for Universal Thread :


A nice tip from Claudio Lassala : Did you know that you can do ctrl+c on Windows dialog box to copy error message ? Now you do… and maybe it could be interesting for your customers also… instead of doing screen shots/mspaint before emailing about a problem!

Another funny thing I learnt from Yair Alan Griver : When you create a new Silverlight solution, you have a reference to agclr.dll which is the core assembly of the client side clr used by Silverlight.

So why the client clr assembly is named agclr ??

Simple: Ag is for Silver in the periodic table of the chemical elements