Delete Live OneCare backup folder in Vista

Live OneCare Problem: You reinstalled Live OneCare, or you start using v2 beta, and want to delete your old backup folder, but you can’t.

This is a permission problem, that maybe you can solve with cacls with command line:

cacls “:” /t /g administrators:F 

cacls “F:Windows OneCare BackupYourComputerName” /t /g administrators:F
Do NOT put a  at the end of the path.

You’ll get a message “Are you sure(Y/N)?”

This will strip the permissions from the folder and you should be able to delete it.


Another solution found on the Windows Live OneCare Forum :

  • Under Computer, double-click the disk letter that corresponds to your hard disk.
  • Right-click the Windows Live OneCare folder, and then click Properties.
  • On the Security tab, under Groups or user names, click either Administrators or your user name.
  • Click on Edit
  • Next to Full Control, select the Allow check box, and then click Apply.
  • In the Windows Live OneCare folder, select the backup set folder, and then press DELETE.