[Cool tool] Silverlight Spy

Silverlight Spy is a free(*) tool that allows you to inspect any online Silverlight app.

Just launch it and point to a web page with a Silverlight app, then you can:

  • Explore the XAP package
  • Isolated Storage use
  • Monitor performance
  • Browse the UI visual and logical tree
  • Examine objects

Here is a screen shot of the app that shows the UI inspection (Live XAML outline):

You can even decompile code inside the dll, for that you need Reflector installed, then go to Tools / Options to configure it:

It also comes with a tool to check Cross Domain policy files:

This pane shows some info and interesting warnings:

Try Silverlight Spy

You can install it online via ClickOnce:



(*) Silverlight Spy now has a version 3 which won’t be free as soon as it leaves beta mode.
As seen on the website: ”Silverlight Spy 2 is no longer maintained and will be phased out eventually.”