[Cool Tool] PhotoZoom

PhotoZoom is an experimental site developed at Microsoft, running on the Microsoft Live Labs Incubation Platform.

It uses the Deep Zoom technology in Silverlight 2 to create photo albums that you can zoom an pan. This online app take care of processing the images, packages and uploads them to Silverlight Streaming by Windows Live so they are stored “in the cloud”.

Please note:

  • You need Silverlight 2 beta 1

  • This is not a final product

  • This may never be a product as is

Check out live my Las Vegas photo Gallery:

Disclaimer by Matt Augustine at Microsoft :
“PhotoZoom is an experimental project developed by a small group of Microsoft developers, and it is definitely not an official, supported Microsoft product. Also, I cannot make any guarantees that it will be operational at all times, that it will support a large number of users, etc. This is not an official Microsoft press release and I am not a spokesperson. I can’t make any suggestions about future Microsoft product releases related to this technology or concept. In other words, I hope people will have fun with it, but please set your expectations accordingly.”