BulletedList in Silverlight

Today I wanted to add a bulleted list of text items in a xaml page, as there is no BulletedList control in Silverlight, you have to do it yourself. But I don’t need a databound list, just something simple in a TextBlock, so here is what I ended with, using and elements:

    This Silverlight 3 demo uses:<LineBreak/>
    <Run>• Entity Framework and LINQRun><LineBreak/>
    <Run>• .NET RIA ServicesRun><LineBreak/>
    <Run>• WCFRun><LineBreak/>
    <Run>• Export DataGrid to ExcelRun><LineBreak/>
    <Run>• Insert/Update/Delete with DataFormRun><LineBreak/>
    <Run>• Styling and ResourceDictionaryRun><LineBreak/>
    <Run>• Control TemplateRun><LineBreak/>
    <Run>• Out Of Browser mode (OOB)Run><LineBreak/>
    <Run>• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Run>

As expected, the result at runtime:


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