Building Windows 8 Apps with C# and XAML book review

You are a .NET/C# developer ? Maybe you already had the chance to play with XAML in Silverlight or WPF ? And now you want to create Windows 8 Store apps ? You should really consider this book as your first reading choice then!

The author, Jeremy Likness, is a well known expert in the technical community. I was in the same room in Seattle when he was named Silverlight MVP of the Year in 2010. Back then I started following his contributions and I was amazed: this guy had created an MVVM framework and also an open source Isolated Storage Database System for Silverlight called Sterling, written 3 books and shared tons of stuff in blogs and presentations!!! His MVP of The Year title was definitely well deserved! So when I heard about his book on Windows 8 dev, I was dying to read from his experience…

…and I have not been disappointed! Jeremy did a great job explaining all the key concepts. From the firsts steps to a complete WinRT app you would manage to certify in the Windows Store, all is clearly detailed in an easy to read style. The book covers everything you need to know to get started. Note that if you are already familiar with XAML in Silverlight or WPF, you can skip chapter 3.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone wanting to jumpstart on Windows 8 app dev with XAML and C#. Experienced developers will find it to be a good reference book as well.