[Book review] Advanced MVVM

Advanced MVVM

Nothing new here for MVVM lovers, just a small review and links for people new to this pattern.

Sometimes I am asked if books exists on MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel). So you have this little book I read a while ago, Advanced MVVM by Josh Smith. I like this kind of book which go straight to the real content (only 52 pages).

The author chose to illustrate MVVM with a game instead of a business application, it can seems weird at first but anyway… Also the book covers MVVM implemented with WPF, not Silverlight, but this is just a question of view and the pattern is more than that, so that should not disturb you from learning MVVM even if you only do Silverlight apps. What you read in the book can be applied to Silverlight as well. If you want something specific with Silverlight you can start with this link:

This book is a good reading, but I am not sure I would recommend it to a beginner wanting to discover the MVVM pattern or just to understand why he would use it. I think it is best for someone who already took the decision to use it and willing to implement his first app using MVVM. Such people will take better advantage of the book (according to me).

For beginners I would recommend starting their journey to MVVM with those excellent articles by Michael Washington (and then read the book if you want to learn more advanced details):

And… much more here: