Back from MIX11 session at the Montreal User Group

This year again I will be at MIX, the major Microsoft Conference about web technologies, which will be held next week in Las Vegas.

I expect to hear cool stuff about:

  • Silverlight 5
  • Silverlight with Azure
  • Silverlight on XBox?
  • Expression Studio 5?
  • Windows 8 tablet UI?
  • HTML5 tooling
  • Windows Phone vNext?
  • WP7 Nokia devices?
  • Natural User Interfaces: Surface, Kinect (Sdk for SL?), …

Silverlight 5 beta availability at MIX has already been announced:


As for previous years you will be able to watch sessions online a few hours after they finish:


But if you are in Montreal area and interested to hear about what happened at MIX, know that I will take part in those 2 events:


Montreal .NET User Group

On April 18 I will do a “Back from MIX” presentation with my co-worker Justin:

So we will try to summarize a “best of MIX” for you
+ I will give some goodies, a few t-shirts and a free Licence of Telerik Ultimate suite!


Visual Studio Talk Show

The same day I will record a talk show on the same topic, which should be live a couple of days later on: