2 great LOB Silverlight applications

These days I am seeking for Silverlight sample applications for business, as I am not really interested in those “Flash like” animations and medias Silverlight 1.0 demos. If you are a developer, the version you want is Silverlight 2.

“Woodgrove Financials Demonstrator”

This is the Silverlight business demo I initially showed on my Silverlight presentations. But not anymore as I am not fully comfortable with it and I have a much more interesting demo now (see below).

The demonstrator is a mock-up website that shows the interactions and experience you could get from a Silverlight enabled site. Features like interactive video that drives charts, client-side charting, drag & drop, client-side calculations (for responsiveness), cross-domain web services calling, etc. come together seamlessly to create a slightly different banking experience from what we see today.   

You can learn the features in this walk through video.
You can download a script to guide you trough the app.
You can even get the source code!


“Patient Journey Demonstrator”

This one is awesome! This is by far the best Silverlight app I have ever seen and is now THE Silverlight business app I show in my presentations!!!

This is a full-featured healthcare application built as a demo by Microsoft. The “Patient Journey Demonstrator” takes the concept of individual patient care and shows the lifecycle of a patient through the care process, providing views for physicians, secondary care, etc. There is a lot going on in this demonstration and provides different perspectives on controlling layout (expand/collapse everywhere), custom controls (datagrid), map integration, media integration, DeepZoom, fake 3d, etc…

When I was at TechEd 2008 in Orlando I met the Silverlight Microsoftees there to talk about this demo… and to my surprise they had never heard about it (It was done by Microsoft..)!! So I demoed it and they found it totally awesome!

The day after I went back to the Silverlight booth and guess what was showing on the big screen… the Patient Journey Demonstrator!


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