Zune 30 frozen day

I thought it was just a problem with my Zune, I was wrong.

It appears that all Zune 30 froze while moving from 2008 to 2009!

Fortunately the problem is not critical and there is now an official fix.
Too bad if you planned to enjoy your New Year’s Eve Party with your Zune ;-(

I would love to know what that bug was…

[Update] The bug was due to 2008 being a leap year…

[via Guy Barrette]

 IE8 Zune

I made 3 Accelerators to interact with Zune Social right into IE8:

* For some reasons Microsoft has removed my Zune Accelerators. Sorry about that.

Also a Search Provider to search for Songs, Artists and Albums on Zune Social:



Check out my other IE8 Accelerators:


And Search Provider:

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Zune feedback


As you may have heard Zune v3 is out, I spent a long time playing with it to provide my feedback one¦more time.

First thought: Zune software is still a piece of sh*t!

But I have to say this is no more the worst software ever written by Microsoft, it is a bit better now, but still full of crappy features and the UI s*x badly. First, I always wonder myself: “why the hell did they create a NEW media player ???”.
Windows Media Player v11 – Zune v3 – Hello?
Marketplace?? Why not simply add a new “Social” tab on WMP ??

So that is the point, I start this feedback exactly like my previous one: “both Zune software and firmware can do a lot better”.

Having said that I will start with what I like on this new version:

  • The “Add to now playing list” feature on device. Best.Thing.Ever! they finally get rid of the “Quick list” stupid feature (it was soooo useless!)
  • Games are officially supported!
  • Time displayed on device main screen
  • Zune is now able to go back to current song after viewing some pictures.
  • Find Zune buddy by Live ID: Now, on your “my social” page you can see if any of your Windows Live contacts have a Zune Card and add them as friend.
  • Picks are great and allow you to get personalized recommendations.
  • I can’t talk about Channels as I don’t have a Zune Pass but this seems very nice.

Now here is my list of suggestions :

* Device:

  • Add some auto playlists please
    • Last sync (a bit like the “date added” view in software). When I have a lot of music in my Zune it become hard to find the last synced music.
    • Favorites songs, the one tagged as “heart”.
  • Snooze mode. Not a big deal but this would be a nice addition.
  • Screensaver: why not? my Zune at home is always docked and can’t stop itself, so it would be nice to have a screensaver coming – or to be able to enter sleep mode while docked.

* Software:

  • Add a Folders view (like Windows Media Player) tags are nice but a great part of my collection is not tagged so I have difficulties to browse my music. This is also a big problem with compilations which generate me thousands of artists entries with only one album/song. I would love to have a setting “Do not display artists with less than X songs in artists view”. See also next bullet.
  • Add a live search box (like in WMP library).
  • I would like to get some stats of my library (number of albums, songs, artists, most played song, album, artist, ….)
  • Now playing screen is interesting (and really beautiful with artists shots and stats) but… I would need a party mode, where I can see the current playlist, sort, move and add new music. It would be like a “Now playing” + collection view.

Also it seems to me there is a bug: while playing just one song (not an album), then browse to another song and “add to now playing list”: it turns out that the song is queue after the whole album of the current playing song. I would need to add songs one by one to the current playing list, what do you think ?


Don’t get me wrong my goal is not to flame Zune but to bring ideas and feedback to make it better. I like my Zune, but to me the Zune Software is a total mistake.

If a Microsoft guy or better someone from the Zune Team read this, I would love to be a beta tester and bring my feedback, do you have a beta program ?

As an MVP + Windows Live Butterfly let me say I am strong on feedback.


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Yes, you can add games to your Zune right now!
Although this is not really a public feature yet… it is more for XNA developers to test their games.

!!This is not a supported scenario yet!!

So by installing XNA Game Studio and Visual C# 2008 Express (both free) you can deploy some games to your Zune, this will add a “Games” entry in the main menu.

As you can see Games can take advantage of the wide screen (horizontal display).

I made it work for me, but I won’t detail here as you can find the procedure there:


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Not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…

All sessions/keynotes can be viewed/downloaded at http://sessions.visitmix.com/.

Note that this is a good example of a site using way too much Silverlight (you can’t even do a copy/paste), but… seems that MS has a new toy to push !
A non Silverlight alternative version would have been appreciated for people (like me) who can’t install Silverlight on their company’s computer.

[Update] Luciano Evaristo Guerche has a nice MIX08 sessions list with WMV direct links!

[Update] And now a nice Zune Podcast feed!

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Zune v2

Zune 2

New Zune are available, as well as new software!

What’s really nice is the upgrade is also available for previous Zune (device + desktop software)!!!

I am very disappointed by this upgrade, some really good points, some really bad, but both software and firmware can be a lot better!


  • Podcast support

  • WiFi sync!!

  • Online Zune Card (social)

  • New menus are nicer


  • WiFi sync do not support WPA2 (ok, not a big deal).

  • No music resume

  • No “Stop” button

  • No genre filtering

  • No live search box

  • Zune software UI is such a piece of crap

  • Still no “Add to now playing list” feature in the device

  • Still no “Recently added” list in the desktop software

The simple fact that the last 2 features are missing is a problem for me, because I *still* need to use Windows Media Player. And I still don’t understand why they had to create a new player, everybody already have WMP 11 right ?

Conslusion: This software is unusable for anyone with a large quantity of music files.

For those who got the upgrade don’t forget to check the cool but not so easy to find (almost hidden!) “now playing” feature: it displays your current playlist in front of a wall filled with your albums art collection! To launch it you have to click in the small icon at the very right bottom.

Best album ever ?

Another feature well hidden.. the “search as you type”. To get this, you have to click somewhere in the artists list first and then start typing. Why the top right search box does not have the same functionality as in WMP ???

To finish it is good to know that you can download for free the preloaded content that come with the new Zune, in case you “accidentally deleted the preloaded content”… or not!
Preloaded content for Zune devices