Xamarin has a very special offer this August:

Get a Free, community-supported subscriptions of Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android, including Visual Studio extensions, for personal use.

This offer is limited to independent Windows Phone developers (with at least 1 published app on or before August 17th, 2015) and until August 31st, 2015.

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I use the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview to evaluate Windows 10 on my Windows Phone.

– It is an early preview full of bugs, so do not upgrade your main phone –

Soon after the upgrade (Lumia 1020 build 10166) I got hit by this nasty bug:
No tiles on my home screen and stuck in a “loading” loop

Many solutions suggest to do a hard reset, so at that point I was ready to rollback to Windows Phone 8.1 but I found this nice solution online by Daniel Delgado, and I want to surface it here:

  • Turn on the Airplane Mode (you still have access to your settings with a swipe from the top)
  • Close everything using the task switcher (long press the back button)
  • Do a soft reset with power + volume down (you won’t loose data)
  • The Feedback form will pop-up
  • Press the Start button and now your home screen with tiles will appear!
  • If not, try a soft reset again

The problem might comes from the feedback form (ironically), so you will get the loading bug again on all sort of operation or app crash…

Side note: Unlike its big brother Windows 10, Windows 10 on Mobile is far from being a finished product, so people please stop whining in the forums, comments like “Fix it now Microsoft!” are just absurd, they *are* working on it.

I am glad (and surprised) that DVLUP (challenges, badges and rewards for Windows Store developers) has not disappeared after Microsoft took over Nokia, in fact as of today it is integrated in MSDN!

Your profile has been migrated and you are now required to login with an MS account.

If you were using DVLUP before, the new site will look familiar, with improved learderboard and profile pages. Now we also have access to Points and XP history.

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Good news for Windows Phone App developers…the Dev Center will soon (March 27) add new reporting features (an area it was lacking a bit…):

  • Cleaner, data-rich interface
  • Proceeds by market for app and in-app purchase
  • Transaction-level payout export

In an ongoing unification effort those changes will roll out later to Windows Dev Center as well!

Get all the details here:

microsoft lumia

“The available Lumia apps and features may vary, depending on, for example, your language, region, service provider, or phone model”.

Microsoft has a great page that list which features are supported by their Lumia Windows Phone models.

Note that the Lumia 1520 might be the only one that supports (almost) everything.

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Win Jr and Win HD are two new Windows Phone devices from BLU, a low cost phone manufacturer based in the USA.


You can find both devices on the microsoft canada online store right now.

BLU Win Jr unlocked at only $89

BLU Win HD unlocked at $179

Paul Thurrott wrote a few articles on those:

BLU Win JR First Impressions

BLU Win HD First Impressions

BLU Win HD Review

The Dev Center Benefits program is designed to accelerate your success on the Microsoft platform by helping you develop, improve and market your apps with a variety of offers and tools and is available to all registered developers worldwide of all experience levels and platforms.

You will receive technical, design, publishing, and marketing offers to help build and promote your app.

Register now for free:

There are 3 levels in the program:

  • Explorer, gets you started quickly with design and architecture guidance and consulting help from a Microsoft expert, Gift Cards, and Dev Center registration fee.

  • Expert
    , helps you reach more users faster with advertising offers, a publishing contract, and more.

  • Master
    , unlocks VIP access to developer marketing and support, SDK early access and more.

Developers move from Explorer to Expert, then to Master as your apps get more downloads, higher revenue, better ratings, and improved app experiences.

Microsoft seems to be taking over DVLUP…

Good news, Microsoft has removed the one year renewal fees ($19), which means that Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 developers can keep their apps in their respective stores for as long as they want.

So having both a Windows and Windows Phone developer account is now a one-time lifelong Dev Center registration fee!

Then you are able to submit apps to both the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store for as long as you want with no annual renewal fee.