Windows 7 allows you to link your online ID with your Windows user account. This will pre-populate your credentials (username/password) each time you use a connected software. Any standards-compliant ID can hook into this feature. For now, only Windows Live ID works.

To add an online ID provider:
Open “User Accounts”, Click “Link online ID”, Click “Add an online ID provider”.

Select your online ID provider from the list and follow the instructions. 

For Windows Live you’ll be asked to download and install Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant 6.5:

“The Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant 6.5 installs the Windows Live ID online provider for Windows 7. This provider enables linking a Windows Live ID to a Windows 7 user account.”

Then go back to the previous screen and the Online ID Provider is now available:

Click “Link online ID” and type your user name and password once.
Now you’ll save time when you open Email, Messenger, Zune, …!


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Live Mesh is now available for Canadians without waiting list!

Note you still need to run with an English locale for now.
To install Live Mesh desktop client in a non English-US computer, you might be interested by this tutorial:
How to install Live Mesh client on non-US systems.

What is Live Mesh ?
Earlier this year I wrote a post to introduce Live Mesh.

What can you do with it ?
Read my Mesh tutorials:

Live Mesh

Did you know that… you can use Live Mesh to backup files in 1 click ?

Here is how to do this in Vista (with Live Mesh client installed):

  1. First, create a BackupToMesh folder somewhere on your drive
  2. Then Share it on your Mesh (Right-click / “Add folder to your Live Mesh…” )
  3. Now create a shortcut to this folder (Right-click / Send To / Desktop)
  4. Move the shortcut from your desktop to your Links folder (C:UsersYourUserNameLinks)

Now anytime in explorer, just click on BackupToMesh in the left pane and copy/past the files you want to backup on the cloud!


Note: if you don’t see the Favorite links pane, click “Organize” on the top menu and select: Layout / Navigation pane

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Live Mesh

[Post directly inspired by Brad Abrams]

Did you know that you can use Live Mesh to share and sync your Screen Saver pictures on every desktop/laptop in the house ?

Here is the tutorial with Vista and Live Mesh client installed:

  • First start by choosing/creating a folder and copy your pictures in it
    • For example PicturesScreenSaver
  • Share this folder in your Mesh
    • Right-click, “Add folder to your Live Mesh…”

Then on every computer, setup the Live Mesh folder and the screen saver:

  • On the Live Mesh notifier, click on the new folder and choose its local location

  • Right-click on vista desktop and select “Personalize”
  • Select Screen Saver

  • Choose the “Photos” screen saver

  • Click on “Settings…” and select “Browse…” to change the local pictures folder to your Mesh folder (here PicturesScreenSaver)

That’s it!

Repeat for each computer, and why not use the Connect to device feature to do all this from your main computer ?

Now your pictures are automatically displayed as screen saver on every desktop/laptop of your Mesh ring! Add new pictures and they will be displayed (almost) live!

You would say: what’s the point?? why not simply share a windows folder ?
I would say:
– Mesh gives you a natural backup on the clouds
– Your pictures are duplicated on each computer, so you can disconnect from your network: it still works!
– You can share pictures with someone outside your network with the “Add member” feature:

Brad while away in South Africa used Mesh to display his latest pictures on the kitchen laptop in the family house!

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Live Mesh

Did you know that you can share and sync your favorites between computers with Live Mesh ?

Yes, like I did with Visual Studio settings.

I already sync my favorites with Windows Live Toolbar and the Windows Live Favorites button, but I am not fond of toolbars so… here is my new method with Mesh!

  1. Go to your favorites folder (C:usersYourUserNameFavorites)

  2. Right-click the favorites folder and select “Add folder to your Live Mesh…”

  3. On each of your Mesh Windows devices you’ll end up with a “Favorites” shortcut on the desktop (Mesh folders are not sync by default).

  4. Double-click the shortcut to set your local favorites folder (usually C:UsersYourUserNameFavorites on Vista).
    The “Show synchronization options” allows you to define sync rules for each device.

  5. That’s it! Wait a minute and your favorites will be available on each of your devices! Add/modify/delete a favorite on a computer and it will sync everywhere!

I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft build an IE extension to sync favorites with Mesh right from the browser menu.
In some times I think every software will have a Live Mesh pluggin to sync your data, and that will be super-nice for multi computers/devices users.

Now that should give you some ideas on what you can do with Mesh other than sharing pictures and documents… you can sync any software settings… emails, ftp settings, configuration files, backup, etc…. but remember Mesh sync but do not merge, so you can’t use it for files that are opened on different computers at the same time, like OneNote for example, neither use it as a source code repository!

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Did you know that you can use Live Mesh to share and sync your Visual Studio settings between computers ?

Here is how to do this in Vista (with Live Mesh client installed):

  • Go to your VS2008 folder (usually C:UsersYourUserNameDocumentsVisual Studio 2008), right-click on Settings folder and select “Add folder to your Live Mesh…”

 Share and sync your VS settings with Mesh

  • On each of your Mesh Windows devices you’ll end up with a Settings shortcut on the desktop (Mesh folders are not sync by default).

Sync folder with Live Mesh

  • Double-click the shortcut to set your local VS settings folder (usually C:UsersYourUserNameDocumentsVisual Studio 2008Settings).
    The “Show synchronization options” allows you to define sync rules for each device.



  • Automatically sync your VS settings between your computers without the need to export/import from a USB key.
  • The beauty of Live Mesh is you can sync your folder whatever its location on your devices file system, so you do not need to have the same Win account (which is part of the VS settings folder path) to share your settings.
  • Share with friends or your dev team! From the Live Mesh pane you can add members to your folder, set role and send an invitation email.


  • When you change settings on a computer, other device get a “Visual Studio 2008 is configuring the environment for first time use”
  • If you use custom font in Visual Studio, it won’t be shared with your xml settings file, but you could sync your Windows/Fonts folder with….. Live Mesh! And you can also specify a note with the “New post” link:

Annotate your Live Mesh folder


Need a Live Mesh invitation? Try


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In Windows Live Mail (build 12.0.1606) there is an inconsistency in the Export/Import accounts process that I have just reported to the product team:

You can export your e-mail accounts or newsgroup subscriptions with File / Export / Accounts… menu, then select each account and press Export, this will generate several iaf files.

But the File / Import menu does not have an entry for Accounts… wtf!?

In fact you will find this feature in Tools / Accounts / Import menu, which is a bit surprising!

Another feedback I made is to have an “Export All” button from the accounts list.

Also the newsgroup subscriptions export does not work quite well as it just save the newsgroup server settings and not your subscriptions in it.


The CTP of this wonderful blogging tool is now available!
Here is a list of new features:

Video and Image Publishing Enhancements

  • Upload videos to Soapbox
  • Image cropping and tilting
  • Additional border styles (reflection!)
  • Support for LightBox and other image previewing effects (like Slimbox, Smoothbox, and others)
  • Support for centering images

Editing Enhancements

  • Auto Linking
  • Smart quotes/typographic characters
  • Word count

UI Improvements

  • Revised main toolbar
  • Tabs for view switching
  • Improved category control with search/filtering

Too bad there is no “Export/Import accounts” feature yet!

>> Download link


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Live Search Farecast helps you find the lowest airfares by predicting when is the best time to buy.

On the home page you enter your airport and destination/date and hit Search:


Then you get your results in a rich-features page:

You can filter by:

  • number of stops
  • times
  • airlines
  • price range
  • airports (connection)
  • flight quality (long layover / short connection)
  • Duration

Here is the heart of this service: fare prediction


Click on details for an explanation:

Your results in List View:

Your results in Time Grid:

This nice graph shows you the evolution of prices in time:

You can track the trip for price changes:


At any time you can compare the same search in another service on a new browser window:

Fare predictions are available only for US and Canadian start cities for now.