Build Toronto is happening on June 10th, 2016

This is a free event, in person, or online via the live stream.

The BUILD Tour is coming back to Toronto. The event includes the best content from Microsoft’s annual BUILD conference, with an even deeper focus on Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Xamarin, Windows, Azure, Office 365 and more.

Engineers from Microsoft HQ will deliver sessions, demos, focused coding exercises to show you how use the latest Microsoft technologies.

Registration links:

· Online Event:

· In-Person Event:

Surface Book

If you have missed the Microsoft event last week (October 6th), you should watch it now, this event was fun and exciting to watch, probably the best MS launch event ever!

They introduced:

If you don’’t have the time, at least read and watch the short videos there:

I am so pumped that I already pre-ordered my new hardware!

Autoruns is a free tool made by Microsoft, and runs on Windows 10 (and previous versions as well).

It finds autostarting programs (add-ins, drivers, codecs, gadgets, shell extensions, …) anywhere, even the most obscure places of your PC, then it lets you turn off individual items.

Note: you have the ability to filter out Microsoft-signed programs.


Xamarin has a very special offer this August:

Get a Free, community-supported subscriptions of Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android, including Visual Studio extensions, for personal use.

This offer is limited to independent Windows Phone developers (with at least 1 published app on or before August 17th, 2015) and until August 31st, 2015.

>> Link to Apply Now

I use the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview to evaluate Windows 10 on my Windows Phone.

– It is an early preview full of bugs, so do not upgrade your main phone –

Soon after the upgrade (Lumia 1020 build 10166) I got hit by this nasty bug:
No tiles on my home screen and stuck in a “loading” loop

Many solutions suggest to do a hard reset, so at that point I was ready to rollback to Windows Phone 8.1 but I found this nice solution online by Daniel Delgado, and I want to surface it here:

  • Turn on the Airplane Mode (you still have access to your settings with a swipe from the top)
  • Close everything using the task switcher (long press the back button)
  • Do a soft reset with power + volume down (you won’t loose data)
  • The Feedback form will pop-up
  • Press the Start button and now your home screen with tiles will appear!
  • If not, try a soft reset again

The problem might comes from the feedback form (ironically), so you will get the loading bug again on all sort of operation or app crash…

Side note: Unlike its big brother Windows 10, Windows 10 on Mobile is far from being a finished product, so people please stop whining in the forums, comments like “Fix it now Microsoft!” are just absurd, they *are* working on it.

Following the latest news, … awesome learning content is already available on Channel 9!

Jerry Nixon and Andy Wigley have made this course on MVA: Developer’s Guide to Windows 10 Preview.
Get some guidance on developing Windows universal and web apps, and take a look at some of the interesting new features for developers in Windows 10.

Check it out!