Live Mesh

Did you know that… you can use Live Mesh to backup files in 1 click ?

Here is how to do this in Vista (with Live Mesh client installed):

  1. First, create a BackupToMesh folder somewhere on your drive
  2. Then Share it on your Mesh (Right-click / “Add folder to your Live Mesh…” )
  3. Now create a shortcut to this folder (Right-click / Send To / Desktop)
  4. Move the shortcut from your desktop to your Links folder (C:UsersYourUserNameLinks)

Now anytime in explorer, just click on BackupToMesh in the left pane and copy/past the files you want to backup on the cloud!


Note: if you don’t see the Favorite links pane, click “Organize” on the top menu and select: Layout / Navigation pane

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I get this issue everyday in Vista: I try to move/delete/rename folders and get a “you need permission to perform this action” error.

Note these are not system folders, just some personal folders, and this is not related to UAC or drive hardware.

I have this issue regardless which account I use (User or Administrator).

At first you may want to look in the security tab and give full control permission to everyone… but that does not solve the problem! (and this is a bad practice)


If you experience the same, here is what you can do to get elevated privilege to perform your action:

!!Very Important: First you must close all opened explorer windows!!

Click on the Windows “start” orb and type “explorer”.


In the results pane right-click in “Windows Explorer” and select “Run as administrator”.

Now you can browse to your folder and move/delete/rename it!

Keep in mind that any new explorer window that opens will be running as administrator… to get your explorer windows to open WITHOUT elevated privilege, close all open explorer windows again, and then open an explorer window normally.

Put IE8 WebSlices on your Vista SideBar or desktop ? * not an april’s fool *

Yes you can, as IE8 WebSlices are based on Windows RSS Platform.

Sean Lyndersay has released a very early version (alpha 0.3) of his WebSlice Viewer Gadget:

Here is a WebSlice on my desktop:

The gadget settings allows you to choose an existing WebSlice and configure the refresh rate and size :


Yes… I’m looking for a Boogaboo Frog stroller or Bebecar Raider AT+, anyone help ??

Are you a Microsoft MVP ?
Are you running Vista ?
Planning to go to the Summit ?

Then download my MVP Global Summit Countdown Gadget for Vista!!

MVP Global Summit Countdown

This new release supports 3 languages (english, spanish and french) and the flyout window shows latest entries from the MVP Summit event rss.

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas.

I had this error each time I browse media folders in Vista :

“This problem is caused because of codecs and other COM components installed by various softwares that aren’t fully Vista-compatible, like some versions of DivX or Nero.”

Thanks to the How-To-Geek here is the solution :

Tim Heuer has done a really nice Sidebar Gadget Template for Visual Studio.

The structure you get when creating a new Web Site/VistaSidebarGadget from VS :


Note that it creates one local folder (en-US) so you can easily add some more later, and it comes with lots of comments on the code (html and js). You also get a nice utils.js file full of JavaScript functions!

The link to the vsi template is on his post:

Live OneCare Problem: You reinstalled Live OneCare, or you start using v2 beta, and want to delete your old backup folder, but you can’t.

This is a permission problem, that maybe you can solve with cacls with command line:

cacls “:” /t /g administrators:F 

cacls “F:Windows OneCare BackupYourComputerName” /t /g administrators:F
Do NOT put a  at the end of the path.

You’ll get a message “Are you sure(Y/N)?”

This will strip the permissions from the folder and you should be able to delete it.


Another solution found on the Windows Live OneCare Forum :

  • Under Computer, double-click the disk letter that corresponds to your hard disk.
  • Right-click the Windows Live OneCare folder, and then click Properties.
  • On the Security tab, under Groups or user names, click either Administrators or your user name.
  • Click on Edit
  • Next to Full Control, select the Allow check box, and then click Apply.
  • In the Windows Live OneCare folder, select the backup set folder, and then press DELETE.