Dear Laurent Duveau,
Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2016 Microsoft® MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with others. We appreciate your outstanding contributions in Windows Development technical communities during the past year.

Today January 1st is special as this was the 10th time I got that email from Microsoft!

2015 was the year I pivoted to web technologies. In fact this is a full circle for me, as I built my first website 20 years ago, then doing all kind of desktop, server and backend technologies, ASP.NET WebForms then MVC, SQL Server, WPF, Silverlight, web services, Windows Store apps, Mobile apps, Azure, Xamarin, … now back to pure web apps with HTML5 and JavaScript.

This move was the best decision I made in 2015 (and probably in my career): I discovered Angular almost by accident, quickly saw that this is the way to go now for software development (and a true wake-up call, coming from a .NET, C# and Visual Studio backend, I now spend my time in VS Code with TypeScript.), learnt a lot, created a dedicated training (the Angular Academy) that received a huge success (I did my annual turnover in just 3 months), and I am now confident that this is an amazing course as most of my classes have finished with a round of applauses!

Most important is I have fun and continue to work part time.

Happy New Year!

Even after all those years, I feel very honored to read one of the first email of the year announcing my MVP Award, for a 9th years in a row.

As an active Windows Store developer, I am part of the Windows Platform Development expertise.

Looking back at 2014: I have not been working a lot as this is my new way of life: Since I successfully sold my startup 2 years ago I chose to work just a couple of months per year and enjoy other part of life the rest of the time. But I still do share my passion for technologies as I really enjoy it.

I have built way more than 100 Store apps and I have now ended my experimentation with Windows Phone. It was great, and I am now focusing only on Android and iOS apps with Xamarin as I want to get into those platforms as well.

Windows 10 looks promising and I can’t wait to see business reactions… anyhow in 2015 I will still help people being successful with Microsoft technologies!

Happy New Year!

I am thrilled and honored that once again, one of the very first email of the year is announcing my MVP Award, for a 8th years in a row.

With a change this time: I have joined the Client Development expertise, which is a new group for Windows 8 and Windows Phone Insiders, which makes much more sense for me.

Looking back at 2013: I have done tons of Windows 8 dev presentations (100% local, no travel = happy family) and was involved in more than 45 Store apps projects!

I also had the chance to already help several customers with their Windows 8.1 development strategy.

I am still focusing intensively on Windows 8 and Windows Phone Store Apps with XAML, C# and Azure, now I also want to start digging Xamarin as well.

This is just the beginning… now for an awesome 2014!!

Happy New Year!

The first day of a new year is always a special moment for me, one of the very first email of the year announcing my MVP Award, since 7 years in a row now.

2012 has been an incredible ride, I got a second child, I turbo boosted my company with tons of great Windows Store apps projects, got awarded Microsoft Windows 8 App Partner of The Year. Now I have sold the company and ready to explore new challenges.

I am thrilled to continue as an MVP for one more year as I plan to get closer to technical stuff, more than ever.

Only drawback is I am still under the Silverlight category, which doesn’t make much sense for me now, as I have been focusing exclusively on Windows 8, Windows Phone and Azure for more than 1 year now. I can just think of it being a temporary period and I will be moved to something closer to Windows 8 later, waiting for this product group to establish how to deal with MVPs (they had a darn busy year I guess!).

Let me be clear on Silverlight: it still is an awesome technology, it reached v5 and is a mature product, it makes perfect sense for several scenarios, it is (currently) way superior to the XAML option in WinRT (but this is temporary, and XAML in WinRT will catch up quickly without any doubt). Well, features comparison set apart, you know that the real difference is SL being cross platforms (but maybe not enough platforms). BUT obviously that technology doesn’t need MVPs anymore. So again, I hope to be migrated to anything Windows 8 related in the near future. Waiting for that, in the short term I see more value in the RD program, which suffer from a decrease in quality communications but still remains very interesting, and a position in which I want to stay more than MVP (but both are ok too!).
By the way, the RD program has a fresh new logo:

Going back to Silverlight, I don’t want to judge *why* Microsoft de-emphasis Silverlight, but the WAY Microsoft did it was catastrophic, and a big mistake. Developers have been kept in the dark for months. It really hurt badly the community. People got angry. I saw lots of Silverlight guys fly to iOS or Android business, and I can totally understand that move. This total absence of communication and guidance from Microsoft was unacceptable, many developers have felt betrayed. The way Microsoft handled their shift in strategy was very poor if you ask me. I based my entire company on Silverlight, got a team of almost 20 dedicated devs, thanks to my connections I saw that coming and managed to successfully redirect the ship to Windows Store apps with XAML at the right time, but it could have been worse, no doubt it has been worse for some.

My *emotional* point of view: I don’t really care. I am by far not in a position to judge what MS needs to do with their products.
Who am I ?
A Silverlight enthusiast ? An entrenched Silverlight expert?
I am a Microsoft Partner. And I chose to be a partner, not Microsoft.
Every time Microsoft has a strategy shift I have 2 options:

1. Follow and adhere to the new path
2. Stop being a partner and explore others vendors platforms.

Simple as that. You have the choice. You can’t blame Microsoft for killing its own product. Except if you are a shareholder Microsoft owe you nothing. I mean, we certainly don’t have all the economics, numbers and market vision for such a decision. So as a Microsoft Partner we must follow or get off. I am comfortable with that.


Sweet first email of the year… announcing that I’ve just been re-awarded Most Valuable Professional (MVP) by Microsoft for Silverlight. This is my 6th year in a row as an MVP so I am very grateful!

2011 was awesome! This is the year I became Microsoft Regional Director (RD) (on April 1st…).
I also did lots of community events, speaking at Microsoft conferences and user groups on Silverlight, Windows Phone, LightSwitch and HTML5. I am still sharing on Twitter @LaurentDuveau.

The big surprise I mentioned 1 year ago was our alliance with Wygwam. Then we launched 2 products: SmartUse and IAS!

2012 also promise to be intense for my team, starting with exciting projects on Windows 8 and XBOX Kinect!

Content of this blog tend to be less frequent, and less technical, which reflect my career path, I am now evolving in much more management than coding.

Good news is I intend to travel much less in 2012 as a second baby is on its way for February. No MVP Summit, no MIX, …

Happy New Year!

Another wonderful first email of the year… announcing that I’ve just been re-awarded Most Valuable Professional (MVP) by Microsoft for Silverlight. This is my 5th year as an MVP in a row and I am still very honoured and excited!

In 2010 I had the pleasure to be involved in many community events around Silverlight, speaking at Microsoft conferences and user groups (doing the launch of the Vancouver Silverlight User Group was fun!), as well as taking part in worldwide conference like MIX Las Vegas and the MVP Summit in Redmond. Also I did new kind of activities in 2010: I wrote questions for the first Microsoft Silverlight certification exam (70-506), and I was Technical reviewer of 3 Silverlight books. I finally started to share more on Twitter @LaurentDuveau.

In 2010 the content of this blog was mostly about Silverlight, I expect it to be the same in 2011, plus a touch of Windows Phone as well. I already know that 2011 will be hell of a good year.. I’ll be at the next MVP Summit in Seattle, also speaker at DevTeach which comes back to Montreal (at last!) and have some nice Silverlight trainings plans for France and Tunisia. More than that, my business RunAtServer is healthy (proud of my team!) and I have insane news and a very big surprise coming on that front…. stay tuned!

Happy New Year!

Silverlight MVP The very first email of the year in my inbox is still a sweet one, announcing that I’ve got re-awarded Silverlight MVP by Microsoft. This is the 4th year in a row and I am still very honored and excited! In 2009 I had the pleasure to be involved in many community events around Silverlight, as well as taking part in worldwide conference like TechEd America, MIX Las Vegas and the MVP Summit in Redmond.

Silverlight is definitely my main focus since 2008, over the years content on my blog slowly migrated from ASP.NET to Silverlight… which is now the main topic. My plan for 2010 is to just continue this way, so expect to read a lot about Silverlight here. Also I already know that I will be at the MVP Summit in February and at MIX10 in March, a chance to go beyond online presence and meet people for real. I will also continue teaching the Silverlight Tour in Canada and Europe more than ever, and I have some great surprise coming on that side soon…

Happy New Year!

MVP Silverlight!

MVP Silverlight

Back in march while at the MVP Summit I was thrilled when Scott Guthrie announced the addition of a Silverlight expertise in the Microsoft MVP program.

Earlier this week I received an email saying that I am joining this new small group (6 MVPs for now), so I move from ASP.NET MVP to Silverlight MVP!!

This is awesome because Silverlight has become my main focus since MVP Summit 2007 (the technology was called WPF/E then…) I made so many Silverlight presentations here in Montreal and I can feel the buzz growing, also because ASP.NET (my current expertise) is a large group and I think I can bring more impact and work closely with product team in the Silverlight field.

To learn more on the Microsoft MVP Program:


The very first email of the year is still a wonderful one as I got awarded Most Valuable Professional (MVP) by Microsoft. This is the 3rd year in a row so I am pretty honored and excited about that. I have been involved in so many community events this year, with great opportunities to speak at EnergizeIT, TechDays, DevTeach, and W3 Québec as well as take part in worldwide conference like TechEd America, MIX Las Vegas and the famous MVP Summit in Redmond! Lately I also wrote an article for MSDN.

Expect more Silverlight content here as this has become my main focus. 2009 is the year where Silverlight 3 will see the light (he he he), the first version I saw seems promising, so I hope to do as many new Silverlight presentation as the past year, and speak at Microsoft events about this exciting technology. Hopefully I will be at MIX09 in Las Vegas to learn all about the latest stuff. I will also continue teaching the French version of the Silverlight Tour in Canada and Europe and I like it! I don’t forget the Montreal .NET Community which will host a CodeCamp and many more cool activities!

Happy New Year!

I completely forgot as I did this in beta 3 months ago… that was a surprise this morning to get a notification that I earned the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: .NET Framework 3.5, ASP.NET Application Development competency (exam 70-562).

Certifications are not important for anyone, but for me as an MCT I need to be certified to teach training, so this one is good for Visual Studio 2008 courses!

The 70-562 exam should be available to public in august 2008.

The preparation guide is already visible here: