During my “Business oriented Silverlight 2 application” talk at DevTeach conference (december 2008) I used Visual Studio 2008 and Expression Blend to build an application that retrieves SQL server data (Beers!) through an Entity Framework model and exposes it to a Silverlight client via a WCF service and LINQ queries. I did some design and animation, added a ComboBox and DataGrid to display data and asynchronously update the model as users edit it. Then I showed how to use local cache on the client to optimize network traffic and finally applyed some Style to shape the UI.

I had only 2 slides in my ppt deck, and here is my funny slide #2:

I coded all that live on stage in 60 min without any errors!

As promised here is the source code of the application I built live:


[Beers Db by Andy Beaulieu]


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Since Visual Studio 2008 SP1 you may have noticed 2 projects template for dynamic data:

Dynamic Data Web Site - Dynamic Data Entities Web Site

So what is the difference ?

  • Dynamic Data Web Site / Dynamic Data Web Application:
    Uses a LINQ to SQL model and LinqDataSource controls.
  • Dynamic Data Entities Web Site / Dynamic Data Entities Web Application:
    Uses a ADO.NET Entity Data Model and EntityDataSource controls.

Since LINQ to SQL is dead I would not recommend using Dynamic Data Web templates. LINQ to Entities is now the recommended data access solution and will remain in .NET 4.0, so for your RAD Scaffolding needs you should use Dynamic Data Entities Web Site/Web Application!

This morning I did a Silverlight 2 talk at Microsoft Montreal, during a half-day briefing called Building Compelling Websites on the Microsoft Platform.

That was a 1 hour talk to present Silverlight 2, DeepZoom, Expression Blend and create from scratch a Silverlight 2 application which consume LINQ To SQL data exposed by a WCF service with VS2008.

I would like to thank Paul Laberge for offering me the opportunity to do my very first presentation in english…

Here are the links to the online demos I showed:


Performances comparison with DHTML/Flex/SL1.0/SL2:

Free charts controls:

Medical sample (amazing) application:

Here is a link to the powerpoint slides I used:

Here is a zip file with the DeepZoom “Bill Gates” demo (hope you liked it!) and the Silverlight 2 + WCF + LINQ app I built live.

You’ll appreciate my funky UI.

For the gentleman who asked the question I couldn’t answer:

Question: “Can you customize the default Loading animation the user get while waiting for a Silverlight application to start ?”

Answer: “Yes! you can find a tutorial in the Quickstarts: http://silverlight.net/QuickStarts/BuildUi/SplashScreen.aspx

Good deal: 3 free e-books from Microsoft Press!

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[edit: only the LINQ ebook is fully downloadable, sorry for the confusion.]